After Bush, French President Sarkozy got Google Bombed

Monday, 27 July 2009

Recently French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been Google Bombed. If you type "Trou du cul du web" (translated: Arsehole of the Web) on, the official website of Nicolas Sarkozy comes up:

The act of Google Bombing aims at raising the ranking of one page by creating a large amount of links with a specific anchor text (often for political reason). The practice is not new. Back in 2005, George Bush got bombed and ranked first for the phrase "Miserable Failure".

According to the French media, Sarkozy's Google Bombing is the result of a webmaster coalition, which created a relatively important number of links with the anchor text "trou du cul du web" pointing to the offical Sarokozy's website (
This time, Google has been quick to release comments explaining that the incident does not reflect the company opinion and is the result of an algorithm abuse.

In January 2007 Google defused the embarrasing Bush bomb thanks to a change in their algorithms , which aimed at returning commentary, discussions and articles about Googlebombs rather than the "victim" website.
Looking at Sarkozy's case, it seems like they still have a bit of work to do.