Using Google Website Optimizer?

Monday, 31 August 2009

Hey Guys, quick one, I was just wondering if there’s any decent SEO or Analytical people out there at the moment looking for FT work?

A client of mine is looking for two more people:

- Snr SEO - Working with some of the largest SEO Accounts in the country - hands on.

- SEO Consultant; working with conversion optimiser; experience with Google Website Optimizer mandatory

Get in touch with me via email or call me on 03 8637 7316 to discuss.

Both roles based in Melbourne, if you are looking in Sydney get in touch with Ronan from our Sydney office on 02 9346 5232

Google Adwords Ad Format Test : New Opportunities for Online Retailers

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Over the last couple of months, Google has been testing different Adwords ads format for shopping related queries. The beta test is only visible to a small number of U.S users, but some the screen shots I have seen on Search Engine Land look very interesting and promising for online retailers:

Google Adwords New Ads format
Google Ads Format Testing
top right corner new ads

These new formats could definitely has an impact on Google Adwords ROI by driving more targeted traffic.
The new formats would also offer plenty of opportunities for e-commerce sites to display their products at the SERPs level and potentially reduce unprofitable clicks.

Facebook Australia: User Statistics & Demographics

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A recent MarketingSherpa survey has shown that 48% of marketers are planning on increasing their social media budgets in the next year.
2010 is the year for social media networks. The buzz comes from everywhere, marketers, advertisers and agencies want to have their share of the social media networks and make money out of it.
Before doing so, it is mandatory to understand social networks hence a quick post about Facebook's statistics.

Australian Facebook Statistics

In December 2007, we dedicated a post on the social media trends in Australia, which showed the rise of Facebook as a major contenter.

Looking at the latest figures, Facebook grew by 32% over 08/09 and is the most engaged social network in Australia. According to, over 6.4 Million Australian use Facebook, which represent a huge 38.48% of the Australian online population and 2.46% of the global audience (261,807,120 users)

In the world the Australian Facebook population ranks #8.

Top 10 Facebook User Population

1. United States 79,983,760
2. United Kingdom 19,592,800
3. Turkey 12,451,320
4. Canada 12,111,720
5. France 11,657,180
6. Italy 10,652,960
7. Indonesia 8,175,600
8. Australia 6,439,980
9. Spain 6,284,120
10. Colombia 5,970,040 - Aug 09

Australian Facebook Demographics

In terms of demographics, the Australian Facebook population is made of 55.6% of female and 44% of Male.
In terms age, Facebook remains a generation Y social network. The biggest segment is the 25-34 years old with 29.3% followed by the 18-24 with 28.8%.
The 35 years + segment currently accounts for 30.4% of the Australian Facebook population and is according to Nielsen Online, the fastest growing segment.

Australian Facebook User Statistics and Demographics - Aug 09

Check out the Facebook User Statistics for New Zealand

Launching the SEO Sydney Blog Social Network

Monday, 17 August 2009

Due to an increasing demand for more virtual social interactions and the strong desire to build a stronger SEO community in Sydney and more widely in Australia, we have created the SEO Sydney Blog social network on Ning.

The SEO Sydney Blog social network uses the Ning platform, which offers some interesting features including member profiles, member-to-member communication, forums, events and more.

The idea is to improve interactions between our readers and our content as well as between members. Using the SEO Sydney Blog social network, you will be able to share useful information on SEO, the latest events and even start discussions on SEO related topics.
You will also be able to connect and communicate with other Australian SEO Professionals, which should be good for networking.

At the moment, there is not much content on the SEO Sydney Blog social network, but we hope you will join and share your opinions. If you want to join it is 100% free.


Where to Find Freelance SEO Work

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

As a freelancer, the most exciting, and sometimes stressful part of your time is to secure your next job. While networking and word-of-mouth referral is still the best bet for long-term contracts, it is also quite handy to be able to expand your network and apply for additional jobs when your are not as busy.

Over the years I have joined a couple of freelance networks, which have helped meeting both ends. However do not be too excited as the competition is often quite intense. On most jobs, you are competing with people in Asia or India, who only charges a few dollars per hours, so it can be hard to get a job.
Also some of these "freelancer's platform" often require to pass a test and/or install a particular software on your computer.

1: ODesk

ODesk is an online team marketplace. It basically links freelancer with people or business looking at outsourcing some of their online/development activities. The service is really popular. Odesk offer quite a lot of jobs. The average rate is US$10.36 per hour and the average job size is around US$5,000. Odesk also charge a percentage of the total job and require to pass a test and use their specific client application. Learn more

2. ELance

ELance is pretty much the same as Odesk, maybe slightly bigger looking at the figures from their site. Elance has delivered over US$200 Million of work. Elance requires to create a profile and pass a test. In the same way as Odesk, Elance charge a percentage fee between 4 and 6%. Learn more

3. IFreelance
IFreelance is much smaller than Odesk and ELance, but still offers great opportunities. While the website is less accessible and harder to navigate, spending a bit of time might end up with great opportunities. Learn more

4. Lime Exchange
Lime Exchange is a business of Lime Labs, who previously created the peer-to-peer solution LimeWire. LimeExchange charge a membership fee if you want to bid on projects. Free for 3 bids or $14.99/month for unlimited bids. Learn more

5. PeoplePerHour
PeoplePerHour is another online marketplace. Over the years I have noticed that quite a lot of SEO work is posted on this site rather than pure dev work. Learn more

I have never tried ozLance, but it is basically the Australian version of the online marketplace. The site offers local projects which could be easier to secure. Learn more

Search Jobs Sydney

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Search, Search and more Search

Well people, it seems that you are in high demand. I have a few roles I need to fill asap. These roles are all based in Sydney and are looking to hire immediately.

  1. SEO – SENIOR SEARCH ANALYST – This is a hands on SEO role, 5 years plus search is required and a healthy pay packet to boot.
  2. SEM – CAMPAIGN MANAGER – This is a hands on SEM role, involving multiple campaigns, small and large budgets. There is some client facing work involved but mostly managing campaigns.
  3. SEO – SEM – SALES MANAGER – This is a hands on sales role, selling search solutions for one of the big search brands. A top role with great opportunities to earn big bucks.
  4. SEO TRAFFIC SPECIALIST – This is a client side role for one of the biggest brands in Australia. You will need to have 3 year plus experience and be hands on with search. A proven track record in driving traffic to sites.

If you are interested in these opportunities please contact Ronan Mahon on 02 9346 5232 or email me on