Facebook Australia: User Statistics & Demographics

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A recent MarketingSherpa survey has shown that 48% of marketers are planning on increasing their social media budgets in the next year.
2010 is the year for social media networks. The buzz comes from everywhere, marketers, advertisers and agencies want to have their share of the social media networks and make money out of it.
Before doing so, it is mandatory to understand social networks hence a quick post about Facebook's statistics.

Australian Facebook Statistics

In December 2007, we dedicated a post on the social media trends in Australia, which showed the rise of Facebook as a major contenter.

Looking at the latest figures, Facebook grew by 32% over 08/09 and is the most engaged social network in Australia. According to CheckFacebook.com, over 6.4 Million Australian use Facebook, which represent a huge 38.48% of the Australian online population and 2.46% of the global audience (261,807,120 users)

In the world the Australian Facebook population ranks #8.

Top 10 Facebook User Population

1. United States 79,983,760
2. United Kingdom 19,592,800
3. Turkey 12,451,320
4. Canada 12,111,720
5. France 11,657,180
6. Italy 10,652,960
7. Indonesia 8,175,600
8. Australia 6,439,980
9. Spain 6,284,120
10. Colombia 5,970,040
Source:checkfacebook.com - Aug 09

Australian Facebook Demographics

In terms of demographics, the Australian Facebook population is made of 55.6% of female and 44% of Male.
In terms age, Facebook remains a generation Y social network. The biggest segment is the 25-34 years old with 29.3% followed by the 18-24 with 28.8%.
The 35 years + segment currently accounts for 30.4% of the Australian Facebook population and is according to Nielsen Online, the fastest growing segment.

Australian Facebook User Statistics and Demographics
Source:checkfacebook.com - Aug 09

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Josh 'The Wizard' Williams said...

Great article guys!

I think this quote sums it up best...

"In terms age, Facebook remains a generation Y social network. The biggest segment is the 25-34 years old with 29.3% followed by the 18-24 with 28.8%"

I just wrote an article with more Facebook stats if anyone wants more graphs and insights.

Check it out and post your thoughts


Anonymous said...

You don't need to wait for checkfacebook.com to find out how many Aussies are on Facebook. Just start setting up a quick ad campaign and you can find any stat you want.

Alban G. said...

Hi Rodney,
Thanks for the tip. Creating an ad in Facebook also provide great stats especially if you need to have more information about specific segments

Anonymous said...

Are the Facebook demographics available by state and maybe even major region???