Launching the SEO Sydney Blog Social Network

Monday, 17 August 2009

Due to an increasing demand for more virtual social interactions and the strong desire to build a stronger SEO community in Sydney and more widely in Australia, we have created the SEO Sydney Blog social network on Ning.

The SEO Sydney Blog social network uses the Ning platform, which offers some interesting features including member profiles, member-to-member communication, forums, events and more.

The idea is to improve interactions between our readers and our content as well as between members. Using the SEO Sydney Blog social network, you will be able to share useful information on SEO, the latest events and even start discussions on SEO related topics.
You will also be able to connect and communicate with other Australian SEO Professionals, which should be good for networking.

At the moment, there is not much content on the SEO Sydney Blog social network, but we hope you will join and share your opinions. If you want to join it is 100% free.