Global Search Market Statistics - 113 Billion Searches per Month

Thursday, 3 September 2009

comScore has recently released the results of a study measuring the global volume of search per month. In July 2009, 113.685 Billion searches were conducted worldwide. Compared to July 2008 (80.554 billion) the volume of searches has increased by 41%.

Global Search Engines Market Shares

As expected Google has recorded the largest volume of searches (48.666 Billion), which represents 67.5% of the global search market and a 58% increase compared to July 2008. Yahoo comes second with 8.689 billion searches (7.8% market share), followed by Baidu, the Chinese search engine with 7.413 billion searches (7% market shares).
Microsoft comes fourth with 2.349 billion searches (2%) and Facebook tenth with 0.743 billion searches (0.65% market share).

The biggest increase came from Yandex, the Russian search engine (94% increase in volume) followed by Google (58%) and Microsoft (41%). Yahoo has only recorded a 2% increase compared to July 2008, whereas AOL has seen a 11% drop.

Search Market Shares per Continent

Worldwide, Europe generates the highest volume of searches 36.446 billion (32.1%) followed by Asia Pacific 35.001 billion (30.8%) and North America 25.095 billion searches (22.1%).

More detailed information is available on comScore


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