Adobe acquired Omniture

Thursday, 1 October 2009

On September 15th, Adobe Systems acquired Omniture Inc for approximately $1.8 billion dollars. Under the new agreement, Omniture will become a business unit of Adobe with the following mission:

Revolutionise the way the word engages with ideas and information. By combining Adobe's content creation tools and ubiquitous clients with Omniture's Web Analytics measurement and optimisation technologies, Adobe will be well positioned to deliver solutions that can transform the future of engaging experiences and e-commerce across all digital content, platforms and devices

While not completely anticipated, this move was not totally unexpected as Omniture has shown many signs:

Over the last two years, Omniture has demonstrated a very agressive external growth strategy, with the acquisition of 5 web analytics companies (Visual Sciences, TouchClarity, Instadia, Offermatic, Mercado). All these acquisitions re-inforced Omniture's market shares in the web analytics market and contributed to expand the Omniture Suite of products.
Omniture has also invested on business development all over the world in order to build a strong portfolio of Fortune 500 companies.

Strategically, this partnership makes quite a lot of sense for Adobe and hopefully will help creating more bridges between the Flash technology and e-commerce as well as improve the way Flash can be measured and tracked.