Google PageRank Update for New Year

Thursday, 31 December 2009

As anticipated Google has updated it's PageRank score. SEO Sydney Blog has not changed but I have seen many of my websites increase, which is always quite rewarding.

Hopefully your website has seen it PageRank increase.

Also Happy New Year to everyone

Best of 2009 on SEO Sydney Blog

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 is almost over and it is now time to review this year, rich in changes and innovation.

In 2009, SEO Sydney Blog has been proud to welcome two regular contributors Ronan Mahon and Shai Roitman from Xpand. Ronan and Shai have brought a wealth of experience as well as great job offers.
Going forward we are looking at more contributors, so if you are inspired, feel free to contact us.

During this year, we have also released the second edition of Australia's first and unique SEO/SEM Salary Survey. Started in 2008 with the objective to bring more visibility on Australian SEO SEM market, the 2009 edition has help to fill the gap in the market.

Over the year, we have written 55 posts covering topics related to SEO, SEM, Web Analytics. Amongst all the 55 posts of 2009, the most popular posts reflect some of the biggest change in the market:

- Facebook Australia Users Statistics. With the rise of social media in Australia, there is now a real need to have a better visibility to use them correctly.

- The Online Advertising Spending in Australia post has confirmed the double figure increase in online advertising spending.

- One of the main highlight of 2009, was the Global Financial Crisis. The online industry has not been spared and unfortunately jobs have been cut.

We are also glad to have noticed an increase in readers interaction. The creation of the SEO Sydney Blog community on Ning has helped and overall the number of comments has increased compared to the previous year, which is great. The most commented articles included the trends in the SEO job industry, Google Real-Time Search and Google PageRank Update

Overall we would like to thank our loyal readers, who are making all this a reality. Thanks again for your support in 2009 and we hope to see you in 2010 for another exciting year. Happy New Year!

Google Real-Time Search - Is this the end of the Google Model?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

On the 7th December, Google has announced the launch of real time search in the search engine results pages.

The real time search concept

The concept behind real-time search is to deliver content, which is the freshest and most relevant to a search engine query.
With the increasing amount of content being put online every single minute and the short life of a piece of content, it is imperative for search engines to reflect this trend in their search results pages. In that sense, real time search is a radical move from the intial search engines model, where relevancy is not the main criteria anymore.

How real- time search is a challenge for Google

Over the last 10 years, Google has built its search engine around the concept of relevancy, where relevancy is gained over time and reputation. Old authoritative domains with solid links and content dominate search engine rankings.

Nowadays, freshness and recency needs to be integrated in the equation, which is a radical change to the initial concept of the Google algorithm. Content not only needs to be relevant but it needs to be recent and reflect user's intentions at the instant T.

Google and Real Time Search

Being pressured by the integration of Bing with Facebook and Twitter in October 2009, Google had to respond to remain in the game.
As a result Google has integrated news results and twitter results in its search engine results pages, with plans to integrate Facebook and MySpace in the near future.

While Google integrated freshness and recency by displaying Twitter results in its search engine rankings, it seems to have forgotten its core concept of relevancy.

In Google search results, Twitter updates are only displayed based on time rather than relvancy. As mentioned by Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan, the Google real time search results are similar to the old days of Infoseek. While relvance is still there, you do not need to be highly relevant to get top results, you just need to be quick.

Google's integration of real time search is therefore a little bit rushed and not fully inline with the giant's search model. To properly integrate real time search within their search engine results, Google still needs to review their algorithm to integrate both freshness and relevancy in the equation.

This is a major challenge for the Google model and algorithm and this will have to be addressed in the coming months...

Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing Positions

We are a leading internet marketing company looking for talented individuals with experience and aptitude in the below core areas:

* Search Engine Optimisation (Advanced)
* Website Development (Intermediate)

Additional skills in any of the below areas are also welcomed:

* Paid Search
* Media Buying and Selling
* Copywriting
* Creative

You will become a part of a thriving enterprise and benefit from the experience of working with some of Australia’s leading internet minds. The benefits are great for the current individuals who are performing strongly. The benefits could be great for you also, with an exponential remuneration package on offer. Experienced candidates with a background in marketing websites and businesses on the client side are particularly welcomed.

Our offices are based in Sydney. We operate a network of websites and are looking to expand the reach of these businesses. You will be quickly promoted into a position of autonomy and power after a test period where you will prove you have what it takes to be an internet marketer.

We have a strong base of capital and established proven formulas for success. Our business has a strict criteria for adding new staff, so please only apply if you believe you are an A player.

Apply to OnlineMarketingGuns [at] HiveEmpire [dot] com with a cover letter stating why you believe you were born to be an internet marketer.

Looking for Guest Bloggers

Thursday, 10 December 2009

It is a bit early for new year resolutions, but for 2010 we would like to open up the doors and get more people to contribute to SEO Sydney Blog.

Because there are a lot of talents out there and diversity brings better information, we are keen to hear what you have to say and we will be happy to publish your masterpiece on the blog.

If you want to express your opinion on any SEO, SEM or Web Analytics topic, feel free to send us your post. We will review it and publish it if appropriate. You will be rewarded with a mention and a link.

So express yourself and send us a post: alban (at) seosydneyblog (dot) com

For obvious reasons, we will only accept unique and insightful content related to online marketing.

Group Search Director | SEM Strategist

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Group Search Director

A fantastic opportunity for an executive level group search director has just been created. The role is perfect for a leading search marketing strategist (SEM focus). This is the perfect opportunity to lead a team of search experts and grow a leading search business.

About the Role:

This Search Agency is based in Sydney CBD. Everyone who works there is a true digital consultant and search expert. You will be surrounded by talented staff and be given the opportunity to grow and learn. In this role you will be expected to drive search strategy as well as the business strategy. You will also be a doer and not just a talker. You will be ready and prepared to implement change. You should be a focused individual who is prepared to deliver a 90 day pland and a long terms strategic plan. Experience in a general management position will be highly beneficial.

This is a crucial role in the business; you will drive client strategy and business strategy. As group search director you will be expected to look after the following activities

Managing a team of 4 search directors
Drive SEM strategy
Strategically manage clients
Lead and motivate the team
Grow the business on a strategic level
Grow the business through effective up sell and cross sell
Manage the most important client accounts
Strategise with existing accounts and account managers
Business Plan
General Manager Activities:
Shape the business e.g. team structure
Promote Staff, (People management experience is a must)
Manage budgets and other company issues


Your role will eventually grow into a more senior position. There will be opportunities to exceed base salary through the effective management of clients. You will have an impact on the company strategy and direction. This is the perfect opportunity to take you career to the next level.


Ronan Mahon on 02 9346 5232 or apply now.

SEM - PPC | Search Expert

Search Engine Marketing: SEM - PPC

A fantastic opportunity for an experienced SEM analyst to join a growing and thriving business. You will be responsible for the effective deliver of PPC campaigns. This is a great way to kick start your career in search and grow to be a SEM expert.

About the Role:

This Search Agency is based in Sydney CBD. Everyone who works there is a true digital consultant and search expert. You will be surrounded by talented staff and be given the opportunity to grow and learn.

This is a crucial role on the SEM team. You will be expected to deliver on SEM campaigns

Driving SEM campaign
Analysing campaigns with Google and other in house analytic tools
Optimising campaigns to achieve top search results
Key word research
Writing copy,
Client reporting
Campaign monitoring


You will get the opportunity to work with a great team in and organisation that treats staff like family. You will grow and learn from talented staff around you. Friday is fun day and the fridge is stocked with beer and food to get you ready for the weekend. If you work hard you will be nicely rewarded.


Ronan Mahon on 02 9346 5232 or apply now.