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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 is almost over and it is now time to review this year, rich in changes and innovation.

In 2009, SEO Sydney Blog has been proud to welcome two regular contributors Ronan Mahon and Shai Roitman from Xpand. Ronan and Shai have brought a wealth of experience as well as great job offers.
Going forward we are looking at more contributors, so if you are inspired, feel free to contact us.

During this year, we have also released the second edition of Australia's first and unique SEO/SEM Salary Survey. Started in 2008 with the objective to bring more visibility on Australian SEO SEM market, the 2009 edition has help to fill the gap in the market.

Over the year, we have written 55 posts covering topics related to SEO, SEM, Web Analytics. Amongst all the 55 posts of 2009, the most popular posts reflect some of the biggest change in the market:

- Facebook Australia Users Statistics. With the rise of social media in Australia, there is now a real need to have a better visibility to use them correctly.

- The Online Advertising Spending in Australia post has confirmed the double figure increase in online advertising spending.

- One of the main highlight of 2009, was the Global Financial Crisis. The online industry has not been spared and unfortunately jobs have been cut.

We are also glad to have noticed an increase in readers interaction. The creation of the SEO Sydney Blog community on Ning has helped and overall the number of comments has increased compared to the previous year, which is great. The most commented articles included the trends in the SEO job industry, Google Real-Time Search and Google PageRank Update

Overall we would like to thank our loyal readers, who are making all this a reality. Thanks again for your support in 2009 and we hope to see you in 2010 for another exciting year. Happy New Year!


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