New Google Adwords Ad Formats: Ad SiteLinks

Monday, 18 January 2010

Back in August 2009, we wrote a post on the new Google Adwords ad formats Google were trialling and it seems that it is available now in Google Adwords for Ausralian customers.

The Ad SiteLink format was launched in November 2009, with the main goals of increasing search engine user choice, ads relevancy and leads quality.

What is the Ad SiteLink?

Rather than offering only one link to a specific landing page, the Ad SiteLink offer up to 4 additional destination URLs to deep pages of your site that might be more relevant the user search.

Ad SiteLinks - Example of Priceline

What are the benefits and applications of Ad SiteLink?

The Ad sitelink offer the opportunities to funnel your Google Adword traffic in more targeted landing pages and therefore improve the conversion rate of your text ads. While this makes perfect sense in theory, I have not tested it and therefore would not assume that this is the case.
One of the best application for the Ad SiteLink ad format is for brand campaigns. While running brand campaign, search engine user might click to your brand ad with different goals especially if you brand offer different products, so a text ad directing to a unique landing page might not be the most relevant.

Let's take the example of Telstra, Australia's largest phone company.
Telstra offer a large range of services including mobile phones, internet connections, business phones and home phones.
If a Person A types "Telstra" in the Google search box looking for internet products and a Person B types "Telstra" looking for Home phones, both persons will see the exact same ads (see below)

Telstra Adwords Ads - Example

Considering Person B is looking for Home phones, he or she is likely to click on the Ad, however Person A won't fine much relevancy in this ad and might not click.

If Telstra offered a Ad SiteLinks with a specific links for each product line it is likely to improve the performance of its Adwords campaign, especially the click-through-rates.

The Ad SiteLinks feature should also be really effective for ponctual promotion and special offers.

How to get a Ad SiteLink?

Ad SiteLinks are available in Australia. When Google launched the new feature, it only made it available to a selected number of advertisers, who meet certain criteria, so you might not be able to set it up directly in your Google Adwords interface. In your campaign settings tab, if you can see "Show additional links to my site" under the "Ad extensions" section, you are eligible to use Ad SiteLinks.
If you do not see this, contact Google Adwords support and be patient. They will eventually release the feature to a wider advertiser's audience.


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