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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We are glad to welcome one of our first guest blogger: Or Hillel. Or runs SEO Jobs Finder, a worldwide SEO job board (definetely worth checking if you are looking for a SEO job or candidate).
In this post, Or provides some really interesting insights and tips on how to effectively recruit SEO professionals.

The world of Search Engine Optimization is a large complex one, with only a few professionals knowing the ins and outs of its structure and how to reach its boundaries, so by hiring a highly regarded SEO professional, you can really help your website bloom instead of wilt. Once you’ve got them on board, you’re sorted, but the hard part is the hunting and hiring.

Discovering an SEO professional can be challenging for anyone, especially a first-timer, a virgin of the recruitment stage. The following article helps you understand the full workings of recruiting an SEO guy, from the preparations you need to make to getting the word out and how to be 100% certain that you have the top guy for the job.

Writing the Advertisment

Advertising is the way you will get the word out about your interest in hiring an SEO professional for your website. The first part of advertising for a new job is writing the job description (sometimes known as a job specification), which you will find an easy task, IT may take some time, but not many brain cells need to be used. It simply describes the job: The tasks involved such as making URLs SE friendly, how many hours you will expect your new recruit to work, how they should contact you or update you on their progress with your site.

Along with the job description, a person specification, should also be included. In the person spec, you will describe your dream candidate, not what they look like, but their character traits. You need to ensure that you will get along with the person you hire, it is vital. Additionally, within the person spec, you will ask for experience that the SEO professional has had in the past, along with examples of where you could look online so you can see some of their work in the flesh. Finally, but certainly not the lest important, you need to ask for specific knowledge that they must possess to complete the task. For example, if you work with a certain blogging system, then you will need to ensure that the recruit will have extensive knowledge of your blogging system so that they can work efficiently.

Advertisement Placement

Recruitment agencies will have more knowledge than you at hiring professionals, so if you have the money, it is recommended that you use one to find an SEO professional as they are likely to be more efficient at finding the correct candidate for the job you are advertising. However, if you don’t own a money tree and you’re strapped for cash, then get out there and do it yourself. There are job boards where you can place advertisements (for a fraction of the price of the cost at a recruitment agency), yet you still get a great deal of exposure. If you plan on advertising a job in the future, try SEO Jobs Finder
However, if you find after months of trying to advertise by yourself then maybe it is time to give in and hire a recruitment agency to do the work for you. It maybe costly, but for the months where you’ve been doing it yourself, you’ve practically been throwing money down the drain. Simply give them the job spec and person spec and they’ll do the rest of the work. all you have to do is reply to (hundreds) of) emails about the interviews you’ll be holding, which bring us onto the next subheading.

Interview Preparation

Now you may be questioning why this is here, you’re not the one going to the interview so why should you have to prepare? That is where your naivety shines through. The perfect candidate will have prepared every question that they could think of, but you’re the one who needs to prepare those questions. Whether it be a full blown list of things you must ask, or a post it note with some scribbled writing upon that you will base the interview on, it is vital for you to prepare, certainly if you want to make yourself seem professional to the candidate.

Holding the Interview

For the interview, you will need to do a number of things and ask yourself a number of questions:
1.You will need to decide upon a venue for the interviews. Will your house be suitable? Or is your two bedroom flat too small for every person who applied? You need to find yourself asking these questions. The venue will need to be of a suitable size, have space to ‘hold’ waiting candidates and have space for you to ‘hold’ the interviews. It will also need to be in a suitable location, having it in a central location within a large town or city is the most ideal as it is the most likely place to have the best transport links for all candidates. However, the better the location, the higher the price.

2.Now you need to decide the timings. Are you going to give everyone the same time and do it on a first come, first serve basis, or will you give each candidate a separate time. There are advantages (and disadvantages) of both. For example, the latter idea shows greater organization skills, however, if one candidate is running late it can cause everybody else’s interview to become late.

3.You now need to structure the interview. Decide what you want the candidate to do: Do you want to sit them down, ask them some questions and let them leave. Most of this will be decided upon in preparation, but sometimes ideas come to you on the day. Just make sure you have a structured interview. The candidate doesn’t want to here your “umms” and “aahs,” it sounds extremely unprofessional.


In business, sometimes, the salary for the job is advertised within the job specification, but if you haven’t decided the salary, then don’t put it and if you get asked about it at the interview, find a way to brush the question off: “The salary is being kept private, once the job has been offered to a suitable candidate then we will open those doors.”

In the world of SEO, SEO professionals don’t have a set salary. Unlike doctors or vets who get paid an average salary, the payment for an SEO professional can vary greatly, obviously the lower their experience, the lower their pay.

When dwelling on the salary, you need to consider how much the revenue will be increased for your website/business once they are on board. From this calculation, you can then work out how much you could afford to pay them. If you still find yourself stuck then ask the candidate how much they would expect to get paid. If they say $20,000 don’t just say that’s fine. Check you can afford it then offer them a little less. The candidate is always going to bump the figure up slightly.
For more guidelines, feel free to have a look at the results of SEO Sydney Blog's SEO Salary Survey.

Now you’ve read it get on with putting these words into actions. Everyday, SEO professionals are being grabbed off the market to work for big websites and businesses. You need to get out there and get whoever is best for your business and whoever will have the greatest impact.


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