Link Building: Leverage your Website Portfolio

Friday, 26 March 2010

Building links is a long process, which requires research, constant attention and overall a significant amount of time. Over the years, I have noticed that many companies and agencies start their link building process by looking at potential links from other websites before even considering improving the linking structure within their own website portfolio. It is like looking for gold in your neighbours' backyard, before even digging your own!

If you look at top global companies, most of them have a large website network, which is significantly under used when it comes to link building.
I also went through the SEOMOZ Professional Link Building Guide (definetely worth reading) and unfortunately I have not referenced any mention to this tactic either.

Generating links from your own websites, is obviously not the most crucial element in a link building strategy, however if used properly, these untapped resources can have a dramatic impact on a website's link popularity.

Leveraging your website portfolio for link building is relatively easy and plenty of tactics are available:

- The most common technique is obviously a footer link, which link to all other websites in the network.

- Many websites uses Company profile pages, which outline the profile of one site with direct text link to the other. Such technique is relatively easy to implement and is quite effective.

- Beyond basic footer links, it is advised to link relevant sites together. Links between two sites with related content, will have more impact that a link between unrelated sites.

- Even better it is strongly advised to link from relevant deep relevant content pages from a relevant site to another. Such type of links will have the best impact, while bringing value to the user.

- Over-using this tactic could obviously have a negative impact. Overlinked websites can be penalised, so it is recommended not to abuse the technique and limit the number of links inter websites.

Obviously the links opportunities are endless. Creativity and measure are your best guides to effectively use your website portfolio for link building. Remember these links are the easiest to create, so it should be the starting point of your link building campaign.