Facebook New Zealand User Statistics & Demographics 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Back in August 2009, we wrote a post on the Facebook user statistics in Australia. Over the months, this post has generated a lot of interest.

While a small market, we thought it would be valuable to provide the same type of data for the New Zealand market.

Facebook in New Zealand

Looking at the growth of the most popular social media webistes from 2007 to 2009 (Hitwise 2009), Facebook has recorded the highest growth of all social media sites. On the other hand, Bebo and MySpace has lost a large share of audience most likely to Facebook.

Social Media Trends in New Zealand

Based on a study on the Internet in New Zealand conducted in 2009 by the AUT University, Facebook is by far the site that New Zealanders use more often (75% of all respondents)

Facebook Statistics & Demographics- New Zealand

According to CheckFacebook.com, there are 1,675,540 Facebook in New Zealand, which represents around 49.87% of the overall online population. Compared to Australia (55.6%) and the US (57%), Facebook has a slightly lower penetration.

Facebook New Zealand Statistics

While representing only 0.36% of the global Facebook population, targeting New Zealand Facebook users offer great oppotunities for companies looking at generating brand awareness or selling products locally.

In terms of demographics, the New Zealand population is dominated by womens with 56.4% of the entire population. In proportion, the New Zealand population is more feminine than in Australia (54.3%).

The largest age group is the 18 - 24 years old (24.7%) followed closely by the 25 -34 years old (24.5%). Interestingly the 35 + represent 36.8% of the overall New Zealand population including 19.6% of 45+ users.
Compared to Australia, the New Zealand Facebook population has a larger proportion of 45+ users (NZ: 19.6% AU: 17.1%).


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