2010 SEO/SEM Salary Survey Australia & New Zealand - Results

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

After a long wait, SEO Sydney Blog has finally published the results of the 2010 Australia and New Zealand SEO SEM Salary Survey. (You can download the results here).

For a little bit of background, the 2010 survey started in April 2010 following the same template as the 2008 and 2009 surveys.

In 2010, we had 59 respondents, which we would like to thanks for their support. After collecting and analysing the results, we finally got all the information we were looking for.

In 2010, the SEO and SEM industry in Australia and New Zealand has evolved compared to the previous years. While quite predictable, the 2010 Survey results show that the industry is getting more and more mature.

- The age of SEO and SEM professionals has increased compared to 2009 and 2008. In 2010 52.5% of all respondents are below 30. They were 64.5% in 2008 and 64% in 2009.

- The SEO and SEM professionals are also more experienced. In 2010, 63% of professionals have 3 or more years of exprience. They were 51.5% in 2009 and 42.4% in 2008.

- With more experience, SEO and SEM professionals have also worked for more companies than before. In 2008 32.5% of respondents had worked for more than 3 companies, they were 39% in 2009 and 52.5 % in 2010.

- More experience is also translated with higher salaries. In 2010 55% of SEO and SEM professionals earn more than 60K a year. They were 50% in 2009 and 45.4% in 2008.

Although not a break-through, the results of the survey provide some useful insights for both recruiters and candidates (Please feel free to check our SEO recruitment guide as well). As a recruiter, it is more and more important to offer salaries in line with experience. Candidates with 3 or more years experience will be less likely to accept anything below 60K. If they are on this wage or below, they might also be looking at other companies to get a payrise.


Anonymous said...

It's great you're running this survey - us search marketers aren't recognised in most employment surveys in our own category. However, here's some feedback that might make the survey data even more useful:

* Extend the number of brackets for things like industry experience, 30% have 5+ years but I'd like to know how many of these have 10+ years

* Include Social Media as a responsibility. It would be interesting to see if this grows

* Ask respondents which country/city they work in. This would add some colour to the salary ranges

* Enquire about country of origin. Many SEO/SEM professionals learned their trade in Europe. I'd like to know how many are 'home grown', and to what extent Australia's attracting experience from overseas

* Ask what industry events are regularly attended

* Find out where people learned their key skills (i.e. in-job training, self-taught, organised course, etc)

Thanks again!


Unknown said...

Good to know that the SEO/SEM industry is gaining popularity in Australia. Hopefully SEO Philippines will soon grow and can provide additional jobs for Filipino people.

Alban G. said...

Hi Aidan,

Thanks for your feedback, it is really appreciated.
I will definately take your ideas into account while designing next year's survey.

Many thanks