Google Product Search: Coming Soon in Australia

Friday, 25 March 2011

After a quite a lot of buzz, Google Product Search is soon going to be released in Australia. Considering 80% of Australians start their shopping exerience online ( research, review, price comparison), this new product within the Google set of tool is likely to have a pretty big impact on the Australian online retailing and ecommerce industry.

What is Google Product Search

Google Product Search is basically a search engine specialising in products. Currently there are Google News (focusing on news search). Google Images (specialising on images), but you will soon have the option to search for products only.

Google Product SearchGoogle Product Search will be accessible in the same way as Google Images or Google Maps. Either in the horizontal menu at the top left hand side or in the vertical menu on the left hand side of the page. Google Product Search will also be integrated in the Universal search index and display product listings in the organic listings.

In terms of look and feel, the Google Product Search result page pretty much looks like a result page from a shopping comparion engine.

The user types his search and Google lists products matching with the search. The user can then click and compare all the stores selling the product.

For more relevant results, there are plenty options to refine a search by filtering the results by prices, store location, brand and product specific criteria

Google Product Search Search Result Page

How Does Google Product Search Work For Retailers

Google Product Search is a great move from Google to support online retailers. In the end, online retail and ecommerce contribute to a large share of searches. Online retailers are also large advertisers on Google Adwords, so it is quite logical to make a product more fitted to their needs.

Any retailer can join Google Product Search for free by setting up a Google Merchant account. Once the account is created, a product feed can be submitted directly, providing Google with all the information about your products.

On top of the exposure within the organic listings, online retailers can link their product feed (through the Google Merchant Account) with their Google Adwords account to display richer text ads. These new Google Adwords ads formats will provide product and image listings. According to a Google test in the US, these new ads format recorded CTR 8% higher than normal ads.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities there for online retailers!