Google Recipe Search Released in US and Japan

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Recipe searches account for a large volume of searches in Google as food lovers and cooks tend to use the search engine as their main gateway to access recipes online. Recipes searches have also evolved over time. While searching for a specific recipe is still the most common way, many online users tend to look for recipes by typing specific ingredients.

To provide a better answer to the changing food lovers needs, Google has recently released the "recipes view" feature ( US and Japan only) . Following the same concept used for book searches and product searches, Google offer the opportunity to filter the search index for food content only.

Google Recipes View Search Feature

Using the left hand side navigation, online users can choose to click on the recipes menu item, which will display food only content. To provide a better experience, Google also offer advanced search features allowing users to search based on calories, ingredients, cooking time.

The recipes listings also display rich snippets providing even more information about the recipe including review from previous users, cooking time, ingredients and more straight in the search result pages.

recipes rich snippets

Such feature requires publishers to markup their content with microdata, but is more than likely to provide tremendous benefits in terms of exposure and click through rate.

At this stage, the new feature has only been released in US and Japan, but is likely to be expanded to other countries when fully functional.